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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 8, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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win some/lose some. a man is caught on camera claiming to be the winner of the giant powerball jackpot. find out why he may not be quite as happy this morning. scandal "gangnam style." his song has taken america by storm. what's the deal with his venomous anti-american rant? psy, now apologizing. but should he still be allowed to perform for the president? and secret santa. a boy photographed on santa's lap, making his christmas wish. find out why it took more than a decade for santa to deliver. it's a christmas tale with a sweet, surprising twist. ♪ santa claus is coming hey, everybody. good morning. we have a big morning. including at some point this morning, the normally health-conscious bianna golodryga and ginger zee, are going to personally taste test
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what is allegedly the most expensive burger on the planet earth. ron and i normally do the taste testing around here. we're very excited about this. also, check this out. the flying squirrel in the house this morning. gabrielle douglas is here. she's here live. she has a new memoir out, where she says she almost quit right before the olympics. she's going to be taking questions from a whole gaggle of young fans. very much looking forward to that. >> so many people excited to meet her this morning. also, countdown to crisis. we're 24 days from tax increases for everyone and big, painful federal budget cuts, unless president obama and house speaker john boehner can strike a deal. we'll have the latest on the battle of wills in washington. >> the president is out this morning with a not-so-conciliatory note. we'll get the latest from david kerley coming up. check this out. why all new cars may soon be spying on their drivers and making it tough for you to cover your tracks. we're going to start, though, with what should have been a joyous week for the royal family.
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but news of kate's pregnancy was very quickly overshadowed by her hospitalization for morning sickness, a prank call that duped two of her nurses, and then, the suspected suicide of one of those nurses. this morning, the boss of the two australian deejays behind this prank is now speaking out. and abc's jeffrey kofman is in london on the story. jeffrey, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: and good morning to you, dan. an outpouring of indignation, that is what we are seeing around the world as news of this story spreads. and nowhere is it stronger than in australia. all of it focused on the two radio presenters behind the hoax call. >> this is 9 news. >> a sydney radio station is tonight at the center of a firestorm. >> reporter: amidst an outpouring of anger, the radio hosts behind the prank have been taken off the air at sydney's 2day f.m. the company they work for refuses to fire them or condemn them. >> it's unfair to be drawing
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conclusions from what is really a deeply tragic matter. our main concern is for the family. i don't think anyone could have reasonably foreseen this was going to be the result. >> hello, there. could i please speak to kate, please? >> reporter: the prank had been cleared by the radio station's lawyers. and just yesterday, the two deejays had been gloating about the successful call to the hospital, in which they pretended to be the queen and prince charles. and were able to obtain personal information about the duchess' serious condition. >> we expected to be hung up on. we didn't know what to say. >> we got put through. and now, the entire world is talking. >> reporter: as the australians learn of the suicide of the nurse jacintha saldanha who answered the phone at the private hospital where the duchess was being treated, revulsion engulfed the two radio hosts. their twitter account has been suspended.
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you scumbag. i hope you're happy now. the receptionist you rang has committed suicide. you have blood on your hands now. the nurse, known to friends as jess, had been working at the hospital for four years. originally from india. her distraught husband posted this on facebook. i am devastated with the tragic loss of my beloved wife, jacintha in tragic circumstances. she will be laid to rest in shirva, india. the sydney radio station famous for the pranks and outrageousness is now facing an advertising boycott, as australians lash out against the deejays. in an effort to preempt that of a full boycott, owners have suspended advertising on the station. and it's worth noting that this station had been called to account twice already this year for violating australia's broadcast decency standards. >> jeffrey, thank you. your heart goes out to her door husband having to somehow make sense of all this. with more reaction to this tragedy, including how the royal family is dealing to the news,
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let's bring in our royal contributor, vicki arbiter. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> great to have you in, unfortunately on not a great story. we heard that the royal family issued a statement expressing their condolences. but what are your sources telling you about how they're feeling right now? what's going on? >> it's been an overwhelming week, for william and kate in particular. they were forced to make this announcement early. then, there's the added anxiety of kate being ill. the whole world talking about the intimate details in terms of her body and the baby. but then, no one could have imagined a conclusion just like this. the couple are obviously very distressed. william will be carrying a sense of responsibility. they were at the hospital. was there something else the royal protection officers could have done to patrol phone calls being handled in this way? i don't think we'll hear anything else from the couple because it takes attention away from the family at a time when they need their privacy. i think moving forward, it will be interesting to see how william handles the media. >> curious about kate's psychology in particular. after going through this mess and the controversy about the nude pictures that surfaced a
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couple months ago, do you think she's finding being a royal is tougher than she might have imagined? >> i think the last couple of months have given her a rude insight to the other side of royal life. but what it's also done is show us she is the perfect person for the job. when that scandal breaks, turned up, she did what the royals have trained their whole lives to do. and she's very new to this. she showed up. she had a smile on her face. she did the job at hand. she didn't comment. she handled herself beautifully. >> we have to focus on a complicated pregnancy. can only imagine this is going to be a very shielded and guarded royal king and queen, whoever this baby is. >> absolutely. all this stunt has done is fuel william's mistrust of the media. and it's just going to make him that much more protective. >> vicki, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. now, with some of the other stories developing this morning, let's go to ron claiborne. good morning, ron. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a top suspected terrorist leader in custody overseas. "the wall street journal" reports the alleged ringleader
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of an egyptian terrorist network has been captured in egypt. members of the group are believed to have taken part in that attack back in september on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to testify this week in open congressional hearings on that attack. and egypt's military is warning of disastrous consequences if the political crisis in that country is not resolved. president mohamed morsi is pressing ahead with a meeting today to find a solution. but major opposition groups are protesting. protesters have stormed the palace there in cairo, cutting through barbed wire and surging up to its outer walls. and the other winner of that record powerball jackpot has now claimed his prize. arizona lottery officials announcing that the winner has chosen to remain anonymous. but they did say he took the cash option of 192 million bucks. he's married, in his 30s. whoever he is, we know he is not this guy, who was seen in a
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store video in maryland, acting like he was celebrating. he said or he claimed or believed or was faking, was the winning ticket. and quite a haul for u.s. customs this week. federal officers seized nearly 36,000 rubber ducks. they were made in china. they are worth more than $18,000. the ducks, which are decorated for the holidays contain high levels of a chemical that may be unsafe for children. and finally, the story about one mother who just couldn't quite make it to the hospital delivery room. bianna's paying close attention here. mercy medical center in cedar rapids, iowa, show a woman giving birth in the e.r. parking lot. that's sped up, by the way. the little girl was born in the front seat of the minivan. welcome to the world. back to you, dan. >> very cute. >> thank you, ron. also this morning, lawyers on both sides of one of the most emotional issues in american life are getting ready for battle. that is because the supreme
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court just announced that it will tackle gay marriage. "nightline" anchor terry moran covers the court for abc news. terry, good morning to you. i wish you could clarify for us what's at stake here. is it possible, i think a lot of people are wondering, that the supreme court could legalize gay marriage for the entire nation? >> that's one of the choices they have. they could just rewrite the law and the culture of the country, saying gay people have an equal right to get married in every state under the u.s. constitution. that's the big kahuna for advocates of gay marriage. but they can do a lot of things short of that. one thing they could do is strike down the federal law, the defense of marriage act, which says for federal purposes, 1,000 laws, tax benefits, access to people in hospitals, marriage is only between a man and a woman. they could just strike down that one and leave the rest up to the states. >> there's a whole range of things they could do. are the justices in any way influenced by the changing public opinion on this issue?
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we've seen a really dramatic shift in favor of gay marriage. >> that's the most interesting question in this case, dan. ten years ago, the supreme court would have decided this one way, probably unanimously or close to that. ten years from now, it will go the other direction. we're right at the hinge of history on this issue. does the supreme court crystallize what seems to be this emerging consensus, as you point out? or is it as william s. buckley say conservatives should do, standing on history and yelling stop. the court has this really interesting moment in which to decide one of the most controversial issues we are discussing. >> at the hinge of history. a lovely phrase. terry moran, anchor of "nightline," who anchored "nightline" last night, up early with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, dan. this morning marks 24 days before the country goes over the fiscal cliff, where everyone's taxes automatically go up and deep spending cuts kick in. president obama is taking aim at republicans, accusing them of blocking a bill that would prevent tax rates from going up for the middle class.
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republicans are firing back, saying raising tax rates for anyone, including top earners, would jeopardize the economy. fiscal cliff negotiations are now in the hands of just two people, president obama and house speaker john boehner. abc's david kerley joins us live with the latest. david, we have a positive jobs report. better than expected. consumer confidence plummeted. a lot of people attributing that to the gridlock in washington. >> reporter: they're using the jobs report right now, the obama administration. a little more fuel. and we are talking about two men now. it comes down to these two guys and a lot of jobs on the line. possible hiring freezes, furloughs if we go over the cliff. federal agencies now working on reports for the white house, of the cuts they will make if we do actually go over the cliff. a diner, middle-class taxpayers and the vice president, telling republicans a deal to extend tax cuts for all but the wealthy is easy. >> the president would probably have me sprint up to the hill to bring the bill down for him to sign. it can be done like that.
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>> reporter: not really. even though the two sides are talking, they aren't making much progress. remember that phone call between the president and the speaker a couple days ago? >> the phone call was pleasant. but it was just more of the same. >> reporter: and that's the problem. it is now down to these two men, deal or no deal. the republican speaker and the president. with an election win at his back, the white house says the president won't budge on two points -- higher tax rates for the rich. the actual rate might be negotiable. and any deal has to include an increase in the debt limit, which is set to hit its ceiling in february. but one mistake the president won't make in these talks, is the one he made a year and a half ago in negotiations with boehner. he didn't keep democratic leaders in the house and senate in the loop. this time, he did.
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even though nancy pelosi is not at the table, she says she's on the team. >> the president knows our views. he shares our values. >> reporter: what i'm hearing from administration sources is they want republicans to agree to some of that rate increase for the wealthy in taxes. and the debt ceiling. then, the white house will start talking about how we're going to cut entitlement programs. that's not the way the republicans want the negotiations to go. but basically, the white house is saying, listen, do this and we'll go forward. >> a tough game of political chicken in washington right now. >> bill clinton called it kabuki theater. david kerley, thank you. these days, as you may know, cars have a lot of features that the owners of the model-t back in the day, could never have imagined. seat warmers, dvd players, rear-view cameras, even wi-fi. soon, there may be a controversial and mandatory new feature, the ability to spy on your every move. abc's mark greenblatt is on the story. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. some call the plan sneaky. others say it will improve safety. now, the government wants to make it mandatory for your car to get one of those so-called black boxes, like they have on airplanes, that could tell all if you get in a crash. many politicians worry about investigative reporters.
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lieutenant governor timothy murray of massachusetts crashed this government vehicle, it's his own car that did him in. murray told police he had his seat belt on and claimed he wasn't speeding. but a black box like this revealed he was actually traveling unbelted at more than 100 miles per hour. you're probably used to hearing about black boxes helping investigators solve airplane crashes. but car manufacturers have quietly placed similar devices in more and more vehicles. turning our own cars into snitches. >> wasn't that good of -- very nervous. >> reporter: former new jersey governor jon corzine found that out, getting seriously hurt in this crash. only to have a data recorder reveal to the world, the governor himself didn't have a belt on, while the state trooper driving him was traveling 91 miles per hour in a 65-mile-per-hour zone. >> i'm going to do some things on this seat belt issue. >> reporter: and now, the
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federal government wants to require every small vehicle made from now on to get one of those black boxes, saying this proposal will give us the critical insight and information we need to save more lives. but privacy advocates say, hold on. >> there are important safety concerns here and they shouldn't be ignored. but there's also pressing privacy concerns. >> reporter: because without safeguards, your black box could become a spy. >> make sure that the owner of the vehicle controls the data. they own it and they control it. >> reporter: some insurance companies have already started requiring customers to hand over black box data after a crash. they're putting that in the fine print of contracts. but this isn't a done deal yet. dan, bianna, the public has 60 days to weigh in. >> fascinating debate. mark, thank you. >> you're welcome. let's check the forecast and get it over to ginger zee. a lot going on in the middle of the country. >> that's right. northern plains and western great lakes. that's where we begin. the big headline this week is
7:16 am
going to be snow. let's begin right in minnesota, right outside minneapolis, bloomington. it was a slippery, slidey mess on our friday. a lot of accidents happening there. it's what happens when you have only a half-inch. they're about to get five to eight inches of snow by the time this weekend is done. this is a snow-starved area, meaning they usually have a lot more. omaha and lincoln, nebraska, on their longest stretch of days without snow ever in recorded history. so, a lot of people looking forward to the half-foot-plus in the pink area. here's what we can expect with the snow, it would be that bitter cold. look at the numbers drop off in places like denver. the temperature, 48 today. 22 by the time we reach our sunday. minneapolis is going to tumble down to around 14. one place that isn't so cold, the southeast. places there, 10 to 20 degrees above average. look at houston. should be 66. today, 80.
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>> so, i absolutely love ski season. it's started in utah. we have this great picture to start, from snowbird. getting me pumped up. going to take the first runs in a month or so. looking to the next photo, chicago area. just outside. valparaiso, indiana. that's where i went to school. they had beautiful skies this week. had to show them. >> thanks, ginger. tonight, history could be made when they hand out the heisman trophy to america's best college football player. past winners include tim tebow, bo jackson, herschel walker. >> and tonight, for the first time ever a winner could be a freshman. a young man they call johnny football. and johnny schriffen is here
7:18 am
with his report. >> reporter: why not, right? how is everybody doing? good morning. what makes this story so amazing is that in the preseason, hardly anyone knew who johnny manziel was. that's because his team playing in the s.e.c., the toughest conference of the country, wasn't expected to win many games. but he proved the doubters wrong. and tonight, could make history. this was the moment when the country discovered texas a&m quarterback, johnny manziel. watch this, as he fumbles the ball, chased by 300-pounders. >> how about that? >> reporter: and calmly throws a dart into the end zone, pulling off the improbable upset over defending national champion, alabama. >> it's just surreal. that's the best way i can describe it. >> reporter: all season, the 20-year-old wracked up touchdown after touchdown, making it look like something out of a video game. now, he has a chance to become immortalized as the first freshman to ever win college
7:19 am
football's biggest award, the heisman trophy. >> he had one of those experiences against alabama that really catapulted him probably to the top. >> reporter: it's down to a three-man race, with manziel, notre dame's manti te'o, and kansas state's collin klein. for most of the season, the senior quarterback looked like he was the front-runner. but after an unexpected loss to baylor, that opened the door for manziel and te'o to get back in the race. >> collin klein, who has been steady all year long, and done a great job. had one hiccup this year. it could go either way. >> reporter: as the only defensive player left, te'o is no stranger to adversity. this fall, in a span of six hours, his grandmother died and he lost his girlfriend to leukemia. the senior came back the next saturday, intercepting two passes, leading the fighting irish to an undefeated season, making notre dame relevant again, playing for a national championship. tonight, the voters will decide who deserves it more. and at this point, experts say, it's anyone's race. a few days ago, college football
7:20 am
handed out the other individual awards. best quarterback went to manziel. best player in the country went to manti te'o. that could be a sign for tonight on who is going to win the heisman. >> can't they share it three ways? >> reporter: not exactly how it works. >> johnny schriffen. we should call him johnny basketball. he's got some good game. i've seen him play. >> reporter: expect when i hurt my ankle. >> we should say, on espn, our sister network, tonight at 8:00, that ceremony will be broadcast live on espn. this next story starts with a simple holiday picture. check this out. two little kids on santa's lap. it looks perfectly normal. but it's actually the seed of an awesome coincidence. >> years later, the boy on the right got married to santa's daughter. but he only recently realized it. abc's john muller has the story. >> anybody here want a snowball fight? >> reporter: he's been donning
7:21 am
the red suit and helping out old st. nick for more than a decade. >> what would you like for christmas? >> reporter: elmer abbas and his christmas spirit, filled the hearts of thousands of children dreaming of christmas morning. >> cheese. what's most rewarding to me is how unique the children are when they're in this magic moment of believing in santa claus. >> reporter: and after all that time, a really magic moment. 1 of the children elmer held 12 years ago is now his own son-in-law. >> it was unique. especially at first. >> reporter: it was all discovered by accident, when chris burd got engaged to elmer's daughter, liz. chris' mother was pulling out old photos for a scrapbook wedding gift. when she looked at santa, something clicked. or in this case, jingled. >> she gave me a call, looking at an old santa picture. it looks like liz's dad, elmer. >> i immediately knew it was my dad because i remembered going
7:22 am
to the mall that year and taking a picture with him. >> reporter: the year was 1999, the first time elmer worked at the maplewood mall in minneapolis. >> my parents wanted a picture with my sister and i. >> reporter: chris can't remember what he asked for that year. >> i think, at his age, he might have been asking me for a girlfriend. >> reporter: and he got it, 12 years later. >> definitely, a christmas miracle. >> that just warms your heart to see how things are connected. i think my dad picked him. >> you got to love that one. liz and chris burd displayed that santa photo at their wedding a few months ago. and now, they have shared their christmas story with america. >> great story. thanks, john. coming up, is the man behind the dance craze sweeping america actually an anti-american? why psy is now apologizing. also, gold medal girl. she won two golds in london and stole a lot of hearts. gabrielle douglas is here with a swarm of young gymnasts ready to ask her questions. and you are looking at what the guinness book of world records says is the most
7:23 am
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♪ gangnam style it is the biggest hit on the planet. the most-watched youtube video ever. and now, rapper behind "gangnam style" is apologizing for lyrics in another song, bashing the country that helped make him famous. will an anti-american rant keep psy's scheduled performance in front of president obama? and end his superstar run? big question this morning. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> that rant was not mildly
7:30 am
anti-american. it was hard-core and a lot of people are not accepting the apology that psy has issued. we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. good morning, everybody. i'm dan harris. this is saturday, september 8th. this morning, they call her the flying squirrel. she dazzled everyone at the summer olympics this summer. gabrielle douglas is live in our studio. she will be taking questions from the aspiring olympians there, admiring her gold medals. keep an eye on those, gabrielle. >> i want to call her my new best friend. she is amazing. also, you know how good it smells when you open up a fresh box of pizza, right? well, pizza hut has bottled the essence of that smell. they think they have. ron and i have tested it out. not quite the same. do not spray me, dan. >> i have a jar of it right now. ron and bianna were not -- >> recoiled in horror. >> ginger and i will test this. speaking of taste tests, the guinness book of world records declared it the world's most expensive burger. how does the burger extravagant
7:31 am
taste? that test coming up in a few minutes. the burger extravagant. that's what a couple years of high school french will get you. i think it costs about $250. first this morning, the guy that has americans of all stripes, galloping like drunking horses. we're talking about psy, the south korean rapper behind the "gangnam style" phase. psy engaged in some vitriolic anti-american rages. this news comes just as he's about to perform for the president. and abc's muhammad lila is here with the story. muhammad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. psy is in full damage retaliation after a shocking anti-american performance several years ago. it comes one day before he's supposed to perform at a special christmas concert, with president obama hen his family in attendance.
7:32 am
he's the creator of the most-watched youtube video of all-time. and the dance that swept the nation, "gangnam style." now, korean rapper psy is fighting off controversy. it has to do with this. in 2004, after a korean missionary was killed in iraq, psy performed at a protest concert. singing along to another band's song called "dear american" including these lyrics. kill those bleeping yankees who have been torturing an iraqi captive. kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers. >> if you were making up horrible things that a pop star would say that would get them in trouble, you'd have a hard time coming up with worse things than this. >> reporter: it turns out psy is no stranger to controversy. after two korean students were killed in an accident with a u.s. tank, he performed at a concert where he smashed a model u.s. tank in response. for psy, it's a p.r. nightmare, who has made millions of dollars from "gangnam style." becoming so popular, he headlined this year's american music awards.
7:33 am
made a video with heidi klum. has appeared on "ellen," "the view," and performed for servicemen and women. remarkable for someone whose breakout video isn't even in english. ♪ now, he's distancing himself from the controversy. saying in a statement, the song i was featured in from eight years ago, was part of a deeply emotional reaction to the war in iraq and the killing of two korean schoolgirls that was part of the overall anti-war sentiment shared by others around the world at that time. i will forever be sorry for any pain i've caused by those words. now, in that apology, psy points out he went to school and lived in the united states. and he understands the sacrifices american servicemen and women have made. as for tomorrow's concert, the white house confirms president obama will attend. saying, it's not up to them who gets invited to perform. >> from a p.r. perspective, it will be interesting to watch. >> and social media. >> i'm surprised it took this long for this to come out. >> it has been percolating in
7:34 am
south korea. but it's now hitting america, big-time. >> thank you very much. a lot of other news breaking overnight. for that, mr. ron claiborne. good morning. >> hi, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. in the news, the boss of the two australian deejays behind the prank call to kate middleton's hospital room is speaking out. the deejays have now been pulled off the air, after one of the nurses who answered the call died, in an apparent suicide. but the station is refusing to fire those deejays. and president obama has requested $60 billion in federal aid for states that were devastated by superstorm sandy. it may not pass in congress until next year because of the fiscal cliff negotiations. and some restrictions on electronic devices during flights could soon be lifted if the federal communications commission has its way. in a letter to the faa, the agency called for greater use of portable devices on planes. i thought they affected navigation systems. but maybe that's not true. and finally, a fish tale with a picture to prove it.
7:35 am
a fisherman caught what is believed to be the biggest yellow fin tuna ever. landed on rod and reel, that is. 459 pounds. he fought the fish for some two hours. the previous record, dan harris was reminding me, was 427 pounds this year. >> i take this very seriously, ron. >> a walking encyclopedia. >> he likes his sushi. that's what it is. time for the weather and ginger zee. >> good morning, everybody. i want to start in the pacific northwest, where they've been waiting for snow at some of the ski resorts. and snowboarders happy, too. snoqualmie pass, they got it. up to a foot of snow. a lot of people needed six inches to get going. they got well over six inches in a lot of spots. that same storm that drops that snow is moving through the northern plains. that's what will be responsible for the snow, not only in the northern plains and parts of the dakotas, but also from minnesota to wisconsin this weekend. so, there's some much-needed snow tracking across the northern part of the country. blizzard warnings include bismarck and aberdeen. not just snow, but usually a lot of wind.
7:36 am
it's going to be treacherous on the roadways. one place that's a whole lot warmer, raleigh. 74 by monday. a warming trend from the southeast up to the mid-atlantic. >> this weather report has been brought to you by at&t. bianna and dan? >> ginger, thank you. and coming up, america's golden girl. olympian gabrielle douglas is here live with a whole company of young gymnasts dreaming of gold themselves. that's crazy. maybe not. with at&t mobile share, adding an ipad is just $10 a month. but honestly, mom and dad's love is all i really need.
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well, gabrielle douglas captured our hearts and two gold medals at the london olympics this summer. but before she went to the olympics, she wanted to write a book. now, she has a new memoir out called "grace, gold & glory." and we have young gymnasts here that are very excited to see gabrielle this morning. they all have questions for her. first, we want to start with you, gabrielle. thank you for coming in. we're thrilled to have now. >> thanks for having me. >> you have two gold medals we're looking at right now.
7:41 am
amazing. >> yep. >> what's also amazing, a few months before the olympics, you almost didn't want to do it anymore. you wanted to work back at home at a chick-fil-a. why? >> yeah. i wanted to work at chick-fil-a. and i wanted to quit the sport because i was very homesick. my family came to iowa for christmas. it was all said and done. christmas was over. it went by so fast. they were ready to go back home to virginia. and i wanted to go with them. but the whole thing about it, i was very homesick. i hadn't gone home in a while. so, i wanted to quit. but at the end of the road, everyone sat me down and told me, don't ever quit. and just keep striving. the olympics are almost there. and now, i look back on it. if i had quit, i never would have won these. and medals are practically made out of your blood, sweat and tears. >> and the london olympics wouldn't have been the same without having you here. one thing i took away from this book is your mom really is a hero.
7:42 am
what an amazing woman. raising four children. you were living out of a car at times. you struggled financially. she always pushed you. you overcame racism. you overcame a lot in your battle to get these gold medals. what do you want readers to take away from this book? >> i want readers to take away being inspired and motivated. i want them to think, don't ever quit. don't ever give up. if i would have quit and gave up, i would not have this chance in front of you girls and to inspire a nation and a generation. so, don't ever quit. and i want them to take away, no matter what color your skin is, nationality you are, it doesn't matter how much money you have, or your background, you can still achieve your dreams. >> you have questions, as well. where is julia? julia, pass her the mic. you have a question for gabrielle. >> how did it feel to have that gold medal, like, around your neck? how did you feel? >> it definitely felt amazing. i mean, i just look back and all the hard work was definitely worth it. and just overcoming a lot with
7:43 am
financial problems and a lot of sacrifices and to overcome injuries and moving to iowa. just leaving my family home. and i definitely thought it was worth it. >> her eye was always on that prize. thank you, great question, julia. molly? you have a question. there you are. i like that blue top. >> how is your diet when you are in the olympics? what do you eat? >> it is very important to eat very healthy. chicken, beef, anything that has a lot of protein in it. just to get your muscles recovered from a long day at practice. and drink a lot of milk, to keep the bones strong. and if something is hurting, i ice it of heat it before practice. >> drink your milk, girls. a lot to be learned there. olivia has a question, as well. i may know the answer. this is a good question. >> do you have a hero? and if so, who is it?
7:44 am
>> i do have a hero. and i think that's my mom. she has always been a fighter. she is telling me to never quit and always go after my dreams. so, she is definitely one of my heroes. >> your mother, natalie, definitely a hero. finally, last, quickly, jordan has a question. jordan, quickly. >> what's your favorite kind of music? >> oh. my favorite kind of music is upbeat, like hip-hop. just to get me going, and get me started for the day. >> all right, girls. hip-hop. we all know some things we didn't know about her before. thank you so much for joining in. and gabrielle's book "grace, gold & glory" is in stores now. coming up on "good morning america," we'll take a bite out of what the guinness book of world records says is the world's most expensive burger. r says is the world's most expensive burger. ♪ ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪
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all right. it's "pop news." and rachel smith is here. what have you got going? >> a lot of great stuff. let's get to it. okay? first up, everything could be coming up roses for barbra streisand's silver screen adaptation of the musical "gypsy." according to reports, the two-time oscar winner, who is also starring in and directing the film, is thinking of casting lady gaga as the lead. for those not familiar with musicals, gaga would play the daughter of streisand's character, rose. can you imagine that mashup on screen? >> good work, yeah. it seems like a lot of a-list celebrities have their own perfume, right? so, why not restaurants? >> oh, no. >> oh, yes. seems that pizza hut is getting in on the act, with a very limited edition fragrance. the idea for this actually started as a joke on facebook. they got such a great response they thought, we have to go for it.
7:50 am
they went for it. >> yeah. >> a limited edition is the key phrase there. >> who are they attracting with that? >> yeah. i know, right? ron actually said it doesn't smell too bad. >> keep that away from me. >> supposedly it smells like dough, right? and a bit of spice, like just as if you had opened up a pizza hut pizza box. they only have about 100 bottles of those. of course, we have one. we also have here, if pizza's not your thing. how about the guinness book of world records declaring this burger the most expensive in the world. it's called the burger extravagant. it's only available at serendipity's three restaurants in new york. and we have one here hot off the grill. >> been smelling it all morning. >> they were cooking it up for us. >> may i sample? >> this was $295. but all of the proceeds for this burger --
7:51 am
>> that was about $20. >> exactly. >> all for a good cause. >> delicate for a taste test right now. we're going to dig in on the commercial break. and we will be right back. ♪ bp has paid overthe people of bp twenty-threeitment to the gulf. billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america.
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as we close the show, rachel -- >> go for it, rachel. >> go for it. >> it's for a good cause. >> oh, the juices. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm katie marzullo. officials for the proposed sonoma marin rail project are looking for additional $6.6 million funding to buy more train cars. the money would otherwise be used for pedestrian and bicycle paths. more rail cars would be needed to carry the commuter load. >> hanukkah begins tonight at sundown. the first candle is lit to commemorate the triumph a small band of fighters over the syrian army. first candle of a 25 foot manora will be lighting. others occur at 5:30 and at masonic center at 8:00. >> check in about lisa argen with the look at the weather.
7:57 am
>> you can see the low clouds around from mount tam. northeast wind gusting in the higher elevations bringing quarter mile visibility for our friends in concord and by the delta. it's chilly start to the day. upper 40s if you are in the city. 44 in clouds in and around san jose. milder weather pattern for the wand top of the workweek, as well. low 60s for oakland. this is a little above average. 62 in san jose and livermore. look ahead, you'll notice the numbers go up from day to day. tomorrow we're milder about 2-4 degrees. by monday, temperatures around 70 in warmest locations. cooler by tuesday. next weathermaker comes in on wednesday. dry thursday and
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> katie:. >> traffic is stopped for hours in concord after a driver hits a skateboarder. police are still investigating if the driver was at fault. it is 8:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo.


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